Big Picture Documents

  1. Expected and Unexpected Features, Benefits and Drawbacks (no images) gDoc(x)

  2. ZAP vs Quickbooks Comparison and Bookkeeping For Tax Accounting Education LC(5)

  3. Single Entry vs Double Entry Accounting Leads to 3 and 4 Step Bookkeeping LC(8)

  4. Introductory Presentation LC(12) | ​ Notes
    Small Business Accounting System Models (2) , Bookkeeping for Tax Accounting Simplified (2), Bookkeeping Module Ethos - It's Revolutionary (1), Use Scenarios / User Scenarios (1) , Google Platform Introduction - One of the Benefits of Use is a forced exploration of Google's Platform (1), Google Account Introduction (1), Google Drive Introduction(1)

  5. GSheet File Template and Application Architecture Diagram LC(1)

  6. Journals to General Ledger Flow LC(1)

  7. Financial You LC(1)

  8. Detailed Screen Shots of all Worksheets ​gDoc(40+)

  9. Marketing

OLD Setup Videos - from 2018 time frame.

OLD Setup Videos - from 2018 time frame.

Concepts are similar but template has changed significantly