Configuration & Use

Configuration and Use Intro

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Use for Business and Personal Bookkeeping (320.0 - 350.0)

320) Configure for Your Use

320.0) Configure for Your Use (Chart of Accounts, ZIDs, Stmts, RawTxns, Journals, I/S, B/S ) gDoc(4)

320.0.1) New File Configuration Survey gDoc(3) | gS | video (5:43)

320.1) Chart of Accounts Worksheet gDoc(16)

320.2) ZIDs Worksheet gDoc(3)

320.3) Statements Worksheet gDoc(6)

320.4) Raw Transactions Worksheets (Checking and CC) gDoc(9)

320.5) Journal Worksheets (Checking, CC, ExpPaidVia, General Journal, A/R) gDoc(4)

320.6) Transaction Aggregator Worksheet gDoc(3)

320.7) Income Statement Worksheet(s) gDoc(7)

320.8) Balance Sheet Worksheet gDoc(10)

320.9) _!config Worksheet gDoc(3)

330) Basic Use for your Financial Data

330.0) Basic Use - Double Entry Bookkeeping w/o Debits & Credits. A 4 Step Process ( 6 pages ) gDoc(6) | diagram

Other: Full presentation on Single and Double Entry Bookkeeping & 4 Step Double Entry Accounting LucidChart(12)

Detailed Documents

Step 1 - Record Transactions "Accurately" (diagram)

331.1.1) Input Checking and Credit Card Transactions into rawTxns Worksheets gDoc(15)

331.1.2) Copy/Input your Checking and Credit Card Transactions into Journal Worksheets gDoc(7)

331.1.3) Input Statement Data into Statements Worksheet gDoc(8)


Step 2 - Categorize Transactions

331.2) Categorize Transactions (& Split Transactions) gDoc(10) | diagram

Step 3 - Review your Income Statement

331.3) Review Income Statement Worksheet (aka Net Income Statement) gDoc(12) | diagram

Step 4 - Review your Balance Sheet

331.4) Review Balance Sheet Worksheet (aka Comparative Net Worth Statement) gDoc(9) | diagram

340) Advanced Use for your Financial Data

  1. ExpensesPaidVia Journal

  2. General Journal

350) FAQs and Trouble Shooting for Your Use

350.99) Known Bank Statement Issues gDoc(3)

Use for Education or Life Simulation (410.0 - 430.0)

410) Demo Data File for Education & Bilbo's Bank Simulation System

410.1) About John Doe Acupuncture and the Demo Data Set gDoc(3)

410.2) Demo Data File - Basic Worksheets (text only, no images) gDoc(18)

410.3) Demo Data File - Advanced Worksheets (text only, no images) gDoc(x) pending

410.99) Demo Data File Exercises with Bilbo's Bank gDoc(28)

420) Financial Modeling with the Transaction Generator

This Bookkeeping module contains four worksheets which can be used to create sample data. That is documented on the Box 5 > Transaction Generator page.

430) Bank Statement Generator to Create Faux Banking Docs and for Data Simulation

This Bookkeeping module contains one worksheet related to a Bank Statement Generator process. There is an entirely separate file template that is used to complete the faux statement and CSV file generation process. Information on that can be found on the Box 5 > Bank Statement Generator page.

This data is typically posted on a Faux Banking Website. Our documents on that can be found at Box 5 > Faux Banking Website .