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For Tax Accounting needs...

Databases have never been the correct solution for Bookkeeping and Accounting. It's about technical issue that most without programming background have mis-understood for decades.

Try to save a bunch of numbers with decimal points in a database and see what problems arise.

Try to make copies of data in different places and see how problematic things can become.

Spreadsheets do NOT have any of these programmatic issues.

Everything that was done in this Spreadsheet Template Solution could have been done in the early 1990's. The problem? There was no money it . How many other solutions are we consuming today that really have been the second best thing sitting in plain view for over 30 years...

Welcome to a New Age in Small Business Accounting
May the Age of Balance Sheet Understanding now Commence!!

As a CPA, you know the true value of a Balance Sheet.
It's everything in Small Business Accounting.


Without it, the books are worthless, although most don't realize that.
With it, and suspended accounts in the mix, the books are still really worthless.
It is the reason you will NOT touch the books of others without charging very hefty fees, if at all.
The Intuit Balance Sheet process can be nearly impossible to reconcile at times. Even for Pros.


As a CPA, have you ever seen a spreadsheet with a fully functional Balance Sheet?

As a CPA, have you ever seen a spreadsheet with General Ledger that manifests directly from Journal Data without anywhere for errors to hide?

As a CPA, are you up to speed on what can be done with Google's Cloud based spreadsheets for Bullet Proof accounting?

The Four Step Bookkeeping Process Ends with the Balance Sheet!

As a CPA, you know that Bookkeeping for Tax Accounting is a simple FOUR STEP process:

  1. Record Transactions "Accurately"

  2. Categorize Transactions

  3. Review the Income Statement

  4. Review the Balance Sheet

The End Goal of all proper bookkeeping is a Balance Sheet. Without it, nothing verifiable has truly been achieved.

The Balance Sheet has been the Small Business Person's Digital Nemesis since the Digital Age took flight. No one wanted to do Accounting the old fashioned way, yet no one figured out how to do it in spreadsheets in order to exclude databases from Digital Accounting? Oy vey. That created an opacity that was impossible to see thru clearly for sure. Until now anyway...

Meet Our Balance Sheet...

We take a slightly different approach to the Balance Sheet.

There are no "sub reports" related to equity or Net Income. All of those values are represented directly on the Incremental Portion of the Balance Sheet for Transparency.

Given this data is all created from the General Ledger, which is created from raw data in Journals with only a change in perspective, nothing can be lost.

This Report has an on/off button. As long as it is "on", changes in a Journal are reflected here immediately.

Stepping through a Balance Sheet with an imbalance one day at a time to find errors is now child's play.

Full Data Flow is Easy to Follow

The Balance Sheet is fed By the General Ledger which is fed by Journals . It's almost that simple with only a straight forward Transaction Aggregator also in the flow.

Our Journals use positive and negative values. That removes the unnecessary dogma for novice and intermediate users. This can be converted into a version with debits and credits on the input side in about 20 minutes. We'll likely have a standard release on that later, but for now, positive and negative values are the place to be.

Of course, there is a General Journal too. This is a double entry Journal. The General Ledger queries this directly at the same time it queries the Transaction Generator for the one line journal entries. This is positive and negative values. No need to worry about sign errors. They are picked up by the Balance Sheet easily and obviously.

The Transaction Aggregator aggregates one line journal entries. It also creates the properly signed value for other half of the journal entry.

The General Ledger has no transactions in it. It is just a view of transaction aggregator data joined with the General Journal. The transaction Aggregator data is just a view of Journal data. Thus, there is no place for errors to hide.

The General Ledger has a feature which allows the Pros to turn off debits and credits to see what active affects it has on the system. (hint -- none). It only disables a ledger integrity cross check report.

It's FAST...

A months worth of Credit Card Transactions can be manually downloaded from a banking institution, categorized and cross checked with statement data and the balance sheet in 5 minutes.

Ten minutes if you are getting side tracked.

The same for a checking account too.

An old Video exists with this. A new one is coming soon...


This system was built to be bullet proof.

Unlike other accounting software, the user can totally foobar the interface and they can totally foobar their data. BUT who cares...

The file can be restored easily given it's being backed up in real time and the cross check systems provided by the statements and the Balance Sheet, along with four other data integrity tools make finding errors child's play.

It takes a Pro 20 to 40 minutes to setup a new file.

Users can become educated in 30-60 minutes and really proficient after 3 to 4 cycles of bookkeeping, which could be practiced in under 2 hours.


What's better than a Cloud Based Spreadsheet with a Transparent Balance Sheet??

This template, along with all others are FREE and no User Account is Required for Download.


They are free of structured data silos.
No user names or accounts are required for downloading the Templates.
No upfront costs or ongoing fees.
No more eaves dropping from Software Vendors.
This is Decentralized Software with the Users Privacy our greatest interest.

This is as private as it can get in the Cloud, and if that's not private enough, use the spreadsheet templates as a guide to create your own more private.

We are supported by voluntary donations and voluntary licensing agreements.

Welcome to a new Computing Paradigm and Welcome to a New Age for Small Business Accounting.

Other Facts, Features & Key Beliefs

Facts and Features

Demo Data - The Template comes with 1 years worth of Demo Data in it. We provide a faux banking website with that same data for training and education for those without an existing small business to learn with.

Positive and Negative Values vs Debits and Credits - The initial offering uses Positive and Negative Values on the front end because that is in the best educational interest of Small Business People. Ignoring the Dogma that is Debits and Credits has been a huge hit that is skyrocketing as we speak...

One of over 18 Templates -- This is only one of over 18 templates that are part of our 6 Box Model for Accounting Systems. We have a LOT more to offer than just a Bookkeeping Module.

Key Beliefs

An Isolated Bookkeeping Module - We believe the Bookkeeping Module for Tax Accounting for a Small Business should be digitally separate from ALL OTHER SYSTEMS. There is zero benefit in connecting it with any other systems. Thus a Switch to ZAP's Bookkeeping Module should not interrupt any other systems and it can be run in parallel until unsure users are sure of what we offer. That's why it's a great place to start.

Multiple Monitors - All Small Business People should be working on computes with multiple monitors and an external mouse whenever possible.

CPA Involvement - All Small Business People should have an affordable and ZAP educated CPA file their taxes. It just makes sense once the entire Taxation System is understood properly.

As a CPA you play a critical role in the Emotional and Mental well being
of your clients.

You care about them more than they'll ever know.

For most of you, this will be the first time in your career that you have truly paradigm busting information to share.

With it, you are a Healer now.

ZAP Accounting Software creates data independent software solutions in Google Sheet Templates for Accounting and Bookkeeping solutions second to none.

Mark this day on your Calendar.

It is the day your World View changed.

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