As a CPA you know a few secrets that most don't.

Some are a bit on the Darker Side...

1) As a CPA, you know that Intuit's Bookkeeping offerings for Small Business people are grossly lacking .

  • You know the Quickbooks Cloud Solution is so cumbersome that few small business people could ever handle it properly. It's so bad, many of you will not even use it.

  • You know the Quickbooks Desktop Solution is Archaic and binds people to stand alone Computers , Backup Routines and Forced Upgrades that should have been obsolete many years ago.

  • You know there is no logical reason why Intuit should still control 85% of this marketplace with these types of offerings.

2) As a CPA, you know a "competitive marketplace" would not result in the capture of your Small Business clients in Intuit's ecosystem in such a binding way.

  • You know the Software market for Small Business Accounting is a Monopoly controlled by Intuit

  • You know the Software market for Small Business Accounting is lacking healthy competition which should have forced Intuit to create better products decades ago.

  • You know that having your customers data in Quickbooks Cloud Solution provides Intuit and those they sell analytics to with insight into the private business of Small Business People in ways no clients or Small Business industries should be subjected to.

  • You know that having your customers data in Quickbooks Desktop solution is an odd constraint given Intuit's stock price has increased by 300% since 2008.

3) As a CPA, you know, down deep, that a portion of your income and very high hourly wage has resulted from non-natural software and procedural complexity that has been contrived by Intuit in a way that is not in the best interest of your clients.

  • You know this to be true.

  • You may not be happy about it or you may not care, but you know in your heart of hearts, this is true.

  • You have prospered from your clients capture handsomely. Oh the burdens you bear...

While others are Sunny for sure!!

1) As a CPA, you know bookkeeping for Tax Accounting is best done arrears with transactions manually downloaded from a Bank.

  • You know cash flow management and outstanding checks are better tracked outside of a Bookkeeping Module as the post dates are the most relevant thing in bookkeeping not the transaction dates.

  • You also know the best Bookkeeping module is NOT connected to any other Accounting Modules, because that only slows this down unnecessarily.

2) As a CPA, you know transactions can be downloaded from a bank in spreadsheet format and categorized in a Spreadsheet for Tax Purposes in ways faster than anything Intuit offers.

  • You also know just how easy it is to create an income statement in a spreadsheet given a transaction list. It's only a few array formulas or cell level equations dragged down a column, if you prefer that. It only took you 5-10 minutes to build that template one time.

3) As a CPA, you know the Balance Sheet is the most misunderstood report in all of Accounting, and you know it is the most powerful for finding transaction categorization errors.

  • You know that a set of books without a Balance Sheet is totally and completely worthless

  • You also know that a set of books with a Balance Sheet with suspended accounts for reconciliation is equally worthless.

4) As a CPA, you know that if a Spreadsheet template could be developed that facilitated a General Ledger and Balance Sheet, such a solution would be far superior to the opacity of all Database system offerings, both Intuit and others.

  • You also know the only way you'd ever sign off on that is if you could see all the mechanations with your own eyes. We get that, because Personal Experience is the only real teacher.

5) As a CPA, you know the best Bookkeeping System for Tax Accounting would not be connected to any other Accounting Systems.

  • You know that all the hype related to tying everything together is far more about binding people to products than binding them to best practices that are in their own best interest.

All this you know to be true too, along with the idea that we know your secrets too...

Could now be your Time to Shine ?

If you discovered a Google Spreadsheet Template that provided fully functional Journals, a General Ledger and a Balance Sheet created with spreadsheet formulas only, to ensure nothing gets lost in the sauce, would you tell your clients how they could depart the Intuit ecosystem for Life?

Yes or No?

What if the Google Templates are FREE?

What if downloading them without a user account provides a Lifetime of Privacy?

Would you tell them then?

Yes or No?

The Game of Commerce is tough.
Intuit has been playing rough for over 30 years.
Right or Wrong, many CPA's have benefited from their Monopoly.
Are You now willing to help your Clients in a very cool way most beneficial to them?

We provide a stand alone, data independent, open source, Cloud Based Bookkeeping Module that offers far greater Privacy, Security, Simplicity and Customization than anything most never fathomed, and we provide unlimited copies for FREE, for LIFE.

Will you be the bearer of Good News?

Yes, No or Maybe?

If "Yes, conditionally", that's a great way to be right now

Asking for anymore at this point would be inappropriate. Thank you! Please jump to the next section below!

If "Maybe", that's a good way to be at this point !!

Maybe is fine for starters!!! Please jump to the next section below!

If "No", thank you for your time...

Please note, if you were sent an email with this link, you have been logged in our Notifications Database. We track the names of those who do not acknowledge our correspondence too. so a courtesy email explaining why you have no interest in considering this is appreciated (and will be noted). If you feel a little uncomfortable being asked to consider a software solution that you may not feel is in your own best financial interest, now you know how all of Intuit's customers have felt for decades. Please understand that the turn about now is very fair play. The internet is a great place for sharing news and differing perspectives!!

If still pondering a "no", might you lose credibility when they find out later you knew about all of this yesteryear but chose not to share with them then so they could be elsewhere today?
But how would they know?
Ah yes. How would they know...

If still pondering a "no", please remember one final outstanding and important detail !!!

The files we are offering for free are "just spreadsheet templates". The Google Cloud Spreadsheet system makes them sexier, but a spreadsheet template alone is in fact all they are.

Everything we are offering today, as non CPAs, with our own trades to ply, should have been created by CPAs in the earliest days of the personal computer, and most certainly in more recent times too.

A standalone Excel Template 25 years ago would have been comparable to Quickbooks Desktop functionality both then and today with a far more manageable Balance Sheet and not a suspended expense account in sight.

With that understanding the question is clear. What exactly has been going on around here? Is it because there was no Money in it?

Is that any way to treat your fellow Small Business Person as your hourly rates skyrocketed?

How would you like it if they did that to you?


Small Business Owners have been feeding the Intuit Machine for decades. It has been like taxation without representation, and CPAs have been the conduit through which the Octopus has made its way...

Mysteriously, the hourly fees for CPA's has skyrocketed to $300 and $400/hour while the Intuit Stock Price has skyrocketed too?

All this during the same time that the the task of being a DOER grew harder by the day with nary an end in sight, along with year after year of diminishing returns?

In recent years other companies like and have come along, and now it's a never ending list of Silicon Valley based Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors seeking more and more blood from our National and Global Small Business community; and they all rely on the CPA's to push their way through?

We are now done with these shenanigans.
As a fellow Small Business Person, you should be too.

With the alternative options we are proposing, your business can still survive which is better than can be said for many
You may have to work a little harder for a little less, but we've been doing that for decades.

Our Bookkeeping Module is but one of 18 templates currently available to Small Business People
for FREE and more are on the way. This isn't going away and in fact, it can only grow exponentially from here.

When you see what we're doing to balance our Play, hopefully you too will be itching to stay!!

Those that do join in become the Healers you've dreamt of being, and that's what makes this a very great day.

What's the next step for those with interest?

Logically, we tried to guess what you might want to know next. We prefer text to videos for purposes of prose.

  1. You want to know exactly how the journals, general ledger and Balance sheet are created. If you can follow that logic easily, with the ability to check under the hood in a bit, that would be a great first step. The ZAP vs Quickbooks page is designed for a quick overview geared just for you.

  2. The next thing you should want to know is how we present bookkeeping to the masses, with proper importance on the Balance Sheet, and assurances that what has been elusive in the past is Child's play today. The 4 Step Bookkeeping page leads the way.

  3. Next, you should want to know what the other features and benefits of the system and the platform are along with a very clear outline of the drawbacks and limitations so you don't encourage a departure from Quickbooks for someone who really has a reason to stay, be that as it may. See our More Menu for this and a tad bit more.

We came to Play and We're here to stay.
Actually, we've been here all along, just futzing with gongs in our own pile of hay.
Do join us.
It'll make your world and ours fantastic and a lot more gay.